Hal-Con 2017 has ended
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Dorks in Dungeons

Back by popular demand, Dorks in Dungeons will make their triumphant return to HalCon this year, bringing three scheduled shows to their incredible lineup.

Game Masters will lead PCs in a fantastical journey through Continentia through the eyes of the Special Parcel Service (SPS): a troop of crooks, criminals, and misguided dwarfs, all sentenced to delivering the mail for an embarrassingly lengthy amount of time. Using only their wits and the ever-fickle D20 roll, they must face grave danger, traverse unknown lands, and survive their own incompetence.

Following the traditions of a tabletop Role-Playing Game, Dorks in Dungeons uses long-form improvisation to create memorable and hilarious player characters, and face challenges brought to them by a pit of improv actors. Audience members have the power to change the fate of their journey with their suggestions and the ever-coveted Reroll Token.

But wait…there’s more! Dorks in Dungeons is pleased to make their Canadian debut of Geeks in Galaxies – their love letter to the tropes of science fiction. Blasting through the Planetoid Galaxy, the Space Patrol Squad (SPS) is a goodly crew complete with all the Ray Guns, Lazers, and high tech gadgets the GM won’t allow in Dorks! Boldly going where Dorks have never gone before!

Will our heroes be up to the challenges they face on stage? You bet your sweet bippy, they will be!