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Jay MacKinnon

Durty Nelly's
Drummer/Vocalist for Bruce & Jay
Halifax, Nova Scotia
What am I passionate about? Hmm. Complicated question.

I'm a musician and an artist. I choose to occupy my time with projects that not only stimulate my creativity but also satisfy my geeky urges. I play drums first, do vocals second, and play guitar third. I'm currently writing a book series called Jadarendir, about the third Lord of Hell and the hardships of the Old War. I'm obsessed with Doctor Who, as in OBSESSED, as in I have the TARDIS tattooed on one leg and a Dalek tattooed on the other. I spend maybe a little too much time thinking about and preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I'm in the process of making a Garrus costume, which is probably a little ambitious for my first real costume project but I think it's coming along well. Sometimes I draw stuff.

Your move.