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Wuckajuice is a local cosplay face who’s been floating around for a few years now, usually notable for having a strange fascination for horns and antlers and a personal vendetta against average door frame proportions. Best known of her works are her Lady Loki, Hellgirl, and original design ‘the Sorceress’ (a mishmash of ideas made up for the sake of having something to wear with her ram horns. You can dress her up, but you can’t take her out!)

After her childhood aspirations to be a blacksmith were gently shot down (jokes on you, Mum) she settled for foamsmithing and burning herself on worbla and hot glue instead. She’s received a few workmanship awards in nearby conventions in the last year and has stepped up her game on teaching others her building and painting skills. Swing by her table or catch her in the halls if you need anyone to bounce cosplay ideas off! (Or someone to trade cat photos with, that works too). She’s happy to be a sounding board and give advice on building your own!

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Friday, September 22